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5 Makeup Tips for a Blushing (and STUNNING) Bride!

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5 Makeup Tips for a Blushing (and STUNNING) Bride!

Written by Shakereen Chowdhury on Saturday, 14 January 2012. Posted in Makeup Guru Musings


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Ladies, here are a few ideas that I've looked to use with every bride that I meet and work with.  Hopefully these tips will help to ensure that you look completely flawless and stunning during your big event!

Bridal Makeup

Tip #5: Prime! Prime! Primer!

I can't say enough how important it is to have your face primed for makeup application, especially when you have a long day of events ahead of you!  Ideally one should start with a good moisturiser, then a seperate face primer as well as a long lasting eye primer (to put on the eyelids and the under eye area).  My favourite and most reliable eye primer that I use is the original version of Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion.  For face primer I mainly use 'Prep + Prime' by MAC. 

Primer ideally should be applied at least 5-10 minutes before actually applying any other makeup, this is so that it has time to dry and set with your foundation and the other the products used on your face.


Tip #4: Using the RIGHT Amount of Concealer and Foundation

No bride ever wants to looked caked-on during their wedding event.  Instead it is important to make sure that you have a stunning glow and dewy look to your overall makeup application.  Best way to acheive this is to use the right amount of concealer and foundation. 

Ideal is to ensure that your foundation is the correct colour to your skin tone, and if you have been using a foundation that is suitable to your skin for sometime it's best to use the same product on your wedding day.  However if you are looking for a new product to use on the big day, ensure to look for either HD (High Definition) foundation products or a foundation that will ensure to give you that lasting affect for the entire day.

Application of foundation and concealer would depend on how your skin is - for example if it's oily, combination, acne proned, etc. For all these skin types it is still ideal to maintain a medium coverage consistency with your overall foundation. 
First start off by applying a light coat of foundation to your entire face, blending into your neck as you go along.  Then use your concealer for spot coverage and any blemishes, while also applying on the under eye area and into the cheeks as well as out to the bridge of your nose.  With this triangular motion of blending, this will creat more light to bounce off this area, giving the illusion of evened out skin tone under the eye. You can then take a bit more foundation and further blend to give you some more coverage if needed.  Finish with a setting spray or loose powder all over the face.


Tip #3: Eyeshadows - Setting the Focal Point of the Face

The eyeshadows that you use for your wedding day, can make or break the look that you're going for.  Obvious to many, eyes are really the key to any bridal look - ideally it is best to keep in mind the outfit that you are wearing as well as the overall cultural aspects of your wedding day.  For example, brides from a Western cultural background would ideally like to have their makeup match to the traditional environment of wearing a white wedding dress; while brides from a South Asian or Indian cultural background will expect to be wearing traditional wedding costumes with vivid and bright colours. It's important for any bride to keep in mind - you do not want to looked washed out comparative to your dress, jewellery, and overall theme of your wedding event! 

Whether going for a natural or dramatic look, a modern trend at the moment is the 'Smokey Eye', this can be done in various colour tones including black, grey, and purple - and really suits any bridal outfit!


Tip #2: Lashes - Falsies or Natural?

This is a very debatable topic in the world of bridal makeup!  I really do look to leave this to the opinion of the bride and what she feels comfortable with.  I would also advise that if you haven't previously worn false lashes, do make sure to trial them before your wedding day. 

I personally am a BIG FAN of falsies - they look amazing on most people, but can take some time to get used to.  I mainly use false lashes made out of real hair on my clients, as they tend to blend better with the real lashes.  I also use DUO lash glue, as it's waterproof and dries on clear or black - and it's easy to take off with any makeup removing product. 
False lashes can come in all types of sizes, individual, full bands and half sizes.  It can sometimes be overwhelming to try different eyelash products, but for your wedding day always try to go for sizes that are medium length and a bit more volume to your own.  If you choose the route to going 'au naturale' - always best to use a really good waterproof mascara that adds again volume and length and ensure to put on a few coats at a time to finish the look!

*Have trouble putting false lashes on? Stay tuned for an upcoming blog post on how to apply falsies!

Tip #1: Contour and Define!

Ladies we all know how we love to strike a pose in front of that camera...especially on our wedding day!
Photos are always an important memory to any special event, and I know most brides are concerned about not only how their makeup will look in person, but also how it looks in photos.

Contouring and highlighting are always a great way to accent certain features on the face.  This can be the case for any face shape.  It is important to know with contouring you should have a few shades available to use - one as a highlight, another as a pink/bronze blush (depending on your preference), and another blush product that is a few shades darker than your actual skin tone.  For this darker product it is important to know how to use it, as you don't need too much in terms of application.  You want to ensure to use the product on the hollows of your cheek bone, a bit on your temples and also just below both sides of your jaw line. Again always ensure to blend in any harsh lines created - this will also happen naturally as you bring in the other products.  You then want to use the pink/bronze coloured product on or just below the apples of your cheek - again this depends on the preference of how flushed you want your cheeks to look.  Then take the highlight colour and add that just above your cheek bone and under your eye area - again using only light application of this product as it can tend to whiten your face.  Continue to blend as you go along the process.  Also keep in mind that blush products tend to seep into the skin quite easily so you may want to put on a bit more than you usually do, overall giving you that long-lasting beautiful look. Now you've got that perfect glow as a blushing bride!

So that's it, but by no means an extensive list of what to do with bridal makeup....that's where I come into the picture, haha!

Jokes aside, I hope it gives everyone ideas of things to keep in mind when either DIY or meeting with potential makeup artists and getting your queries answered. 

Also keep in mind to have an emergency kit available and on hand either with your bridesmaid or in your clutch purse on the big day, this should have a touch up lipstick/gloss, some blot paper, and overall face powder to soften any shine or oil that produces during the day.

Thanks for reading, hope this was helpful!

Live life, and stay happy. =) 

Signing off for now,


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